Please note: Registration of athletes

will only be considered if they are recommended or entered by the

National Federation.





up to80 kg

up to 90 kg

over 90 kg


Classic Bodybuilding

up to 180 cm

over 180 cm


Women’s Physique

Open class



up to 163 cm

over 163 cm


Men’s Physique

up to 174 cm

up to 178 cm

over 178 cm


Fitness Female

Open class


Bikini Fitness

up to 163 cm

up to169 cm

up to 172 cm

over 172 cm


Posing music



Please state your name, class, country and indicate if you want the music to start before you walk onto the stage, or when you are on the stage.


Spraytan Service


Please contact:

+46 21 130 550

For more info: